Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Summer's Sweetest Moment: Reflections In Association With Strawberry Milano Pepperidge Farm Cookies

Summer is almost over...sigh.  In between the heat and the rain and seeing my daughter leave home for an extended period of time to work at a sleep away camp there has not really been to many really sweet summer moments for me to savor this summer season.

Which is why I am so delighted to be working with Pepperidge Farms. They recently introduced Strawberry Milano Cookies a fab little cookie that deliciously pairs luscious strawberry filling with rich, dark chocolate for an irresistible, sweet indulgence that brings a moment of satisfaction to any day.  Yummy!

They have asked bloggers to take a moment and celebrate the release of this sweet cookie by reflecting on the sweetest moment of my summer.

I actually already wrote a post about it, but it bears repeating; the sweetest moment for me was visiting day at Sarah's camp when she ran to me with outstretched arms!  No other moment this summer rings sweeter then that split second when she opened her heart to me and allowed me in.

Things have been difficult this last month with Sarah and holding on to that sweet moment has helped me get through some very difficult times.

Pepperidge Farms in encouraging you to remember your own sweet moments by offering a coupon towards the purchase of these sweet cookies.  Just go here to print a coupon for a one dollar savings.

You can also visit the Milano Cookie Facebook Page and share your own sweet summer memories as well.

What was your sweetest summer moment? 

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Heather said...


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I think my sweetest summer moment has been watching my 17 month old dance during our "Music in the Park" days our town throws for 3 months. It was an amazing way to celebrate the best of summer with watermelon, summer barbequed foods while sitting on a blanket enjoying the warm weather and monsoon cloud cover. But I'm excited for fall and the crisp air that comes with it.

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