Monday, July 26, 2010

And She Welcomed Me With Open Arms.....I Visit Sarah at Camp!

My daughter, Sarah is away all summer working at sleep away camp as a counselor.  I have been so lonely without her...really!  This past Sunday was visiting day and I was so excited to see her, but worried that was not missing me since she has been busy being on her own.

Boy, was I happily wrong!  She was waiting for me on the front porch on her bunk, in her "Staff" shirt and when she saw me she came running towards me with open arms!  I think that will now be my most favorite moment from this whole summer. ( Go ahead...Smile...I know you want to do it!)

We had a good day and the moment passed too soon for my tastes but the memories of her arms around me and the smile on her face before she realized it was " not cool" to be so excited will carry me through the next month until she comes home.

Can anyone out there relate?  Do share!  I love comments!

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Travis Erwin said...

My oldest went away to camp for the first time this year. it about killed my wife worrying about him but he had a blast.