Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pump Me Away: A Review of The Inflatable Tilt Master From Eden Fantasys!

Let me start this review by saying that - Man! This is a real pain to blow up!  It needs to be inflated and does not come with it's own pump, which is a major drawback for me.  I only had a hand pump for balloons to use and it took forever!  There is no way that I can see myself deflating/inflating this thing on a regular basis, so if it is spontaneity you are looking for, look elsewhere!

The other major drawback is the velvet-like material that covers it.  Although sexy and nice to the touch, it picks up lint like the devil and I am still struggling with a way to clean it effectively.  There were no instructions that I noticed in the package that I received.

As far as using it, however, I can see many possibilities.  The box itself shows a variety of positions and I am sure those of use with active imaginations can find a whole lot more!  There are two rubber coated handles on the bottom/sides of the TiltMaster that lend itself to a variety of uses as well.

As it is filled with air, it has a "bounce" to it, so take that into consideration when using it.  Once inflated, I was surprised that it held it's air as well as it did. 

You can also turn it over and use it as a wedge which just increases its versatility.  And there is nothing about it that screams " I am a sex toy" so it is a safe bet to leave it out in the open and ready to use when you need it.

Here's what Eden Fantasys has to say about this product:

"Sex is fun – back pain the next day is not. Enter the Inflatable tilt master to save the day. Discreet and nondescript when deflated for storage, it inflates to an impressive 22" x 22" x 38". A half-moon shape, it features comfortable gripping handles on both sides to keep your rhythm going. Many positional possibilities become apparent when you play with the tilt master – doggie style is a lot more comfortable, oral sex no longer means neck pains, and the rocking design means less strain on moving hips. Velvety soft black coating feels luxurious against your skin. Though it takes a few minutes to inflate, the wait is certainly worth it; if you’re anxious to play, an air pump might come in handy to get the action started sooner. Can accommodate up to 300 pounds, comes with a blindfold and a small tube of latex sealer for repairs."

Product code: PD217500.

Design / Craftsmanship / Material

Material:Pvc .Color:Black .Length:38" .Height:22" .Weight:2 lb ..Other

Special Features:Inflatable
The bottom line: Great for positioning, horrible to inflate.....If you order this, make sure you have access to an air pump as the description states!

product picture
Position pillow by Pipedream
Material: PVC
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

Disclosure: Eden Fantasys provided me with product to review but all opinions expressed are my own and I was under no obligation to post.


Sheri Carpetenter said...

Hmmmm this looks interesting lol. Stopping by from Pitch It To Me

1coolmama said...

sounds interesting. I would need on in leopard though. a balloon pump must have take forever.

Mami said...

I had no clue you could even get something like this. Ana

Pam said...

Like Ana, I never knew you could get something like this. Stopping by from Pitch It To Me.

Katie said... sounds like you had fun trying to get it pumped up and ready to use!!!

Mom vs. the boys said...

were you just too tired to use it anyway after all that pumping up!?
I've actually never seen anything like it, interesting

Crystal said...

Good thing we own a pump here ;)
Sounds interesting

"Deal"icious Mom said...

Thanks for sharing - seriously - what doesn't Eden's Fantasy sell!

Emmi said...

I love Eden Fantasies! What a great product to review! Thanks!