Sunday, July 11, 2010

And Away We Go!  I Pack The Boxes....

After searching for quite awhile, I have finally found an apartment which looks like it will fill my requirements of being affordable, bright, roomy, clean, with a place to put my washer and dryer. 

As I start the rather arduous process of packing I have begun to realize how much stuff I have accumulated since I moved into my present abode about 12 years ago.

Did I say 12 years?  Wow....A rather large chunk of my life ( and Sarah's life too) has been spent here and as I find long forgotten mementos the memories, both good and not so good come flooding back to me.

I will keep you guys updated with my progress and if there are any sponsors out there wanting to help with the move and furnishing my new apartment I welcome your help in exchange for blatant promotion! 

Any tips or tricks for moving successfully are also very appreciated....

Stay tuned for moving updates!


kathy said...

I have such memories at your old place, It was so cozy and it felt so wanted.. I am so going to miss it there, But new place new start,, I will love the new place just as well cause you will be there,, Good luck in your new home,, I will be visiting soon

queenoftheclick said...

I moved after 12 year too!

I think I had twice as much stuff as I thought I had.

Mark all the boxes with the rooms they go in. ex. 1st floor living room, 2nd floor bedroom in back

Give yourself time to unpack. It's a huge process (requires 3 times as much time as you think).

Good luck.