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Scandle-liciously Amazing! My Review of the Scandle Body Massage Candle!

Boy, I love blogging sometimes!  It allows me to discover awesome products like the Scandle Body Massage line of products.

This is definitely one of my favorites so far!   I had the opportunity to try the Travel Candle in the Hummingbird scent and both I, and my boyfriend, absolutely loved both the scent and the feel of this product.

This is what Scandle has to say about this product:

"Scandle Essentials Travel Candle

Experience the ultimate spa massage with the aromatherapy effects of our Scandle Essentials with pure essential oils. Scandle is in a square lightweight tin for easy application. Silicone band can be removed after use and used as an eco-wrist band reminder to "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle." Burn time 15-30 hours."

The Scandle website also has a very well written Q&A section that really explains how these candles work and why they are so different then other massage candles.  I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the more interesting ones"

Q: What makes The Scandle different than some of the other "massage candles" on the market?

A: The Scandle was created because we noticed that several massage candles on the market were only made of soy wax. Soy wax, even when melted is very heavy and doesn't give you the feel that massage oil should have. Also, it doesn't have any of the oils to help moisturize and promote healthy skin. Our candles are so much more than Soy Wax with a Wick...we like to think of it as Lotion with a Wick! Scandles are made with FDA approved ingredients and are everything you'd expect from a skin healthy lotion with the added ambiance and aroma of a spa candle.

Q: How is your product packaged?

A: Because we believe that appearance is everything, we have taken special time and care to package this product in a way that is visually appealing, functional, but (more importantly) sustainably. Our 10oz candle is packaged in refillable/reusable ceramic canisters with a pour spout. Our 4oz travel tin is packaged in a lightweight square tin made from recycled materials and comes with a silicone band for safer application and can be worn as a stylish bracelet after product use!

Q: How Can You Tell When A Massage Candle is Made Mostly of Soy Wax?

A: How does it feel on your skin? When you put the oil on your skin, does it feel greasy and heavy? If it does and the skin does not absorb it and creates a greasy film on top of the skin...then it is mostly soy wax.

Does it have color? If it does, then it more than likely has some sort of a wax product in it for the color to adhere to. Dyes for candles are much more powerful dyes and have not been tested for the skin, because they were made for candles not lotion. It takes much more dye to color a candle than to color lotion. At these concentrated levels you may experience some skin irritation.

Did you know that Vitamin E is a naturally occurring element of soy wax? So, if the massage candle lists no other ingredients other than Vitamin E...chances are that the product contains mostly or only soy wax.

What is the wick made of? Soy Wax requires a higher temperature to melt than our candles. Therefore, soy wax candles often require a wick with a zinc core to get the wax hot enough to melt, which can often emit toxins into the air. Since our candles melt at 2 degrees above body temperature, we do not require a zinc wick and utilize an earth friendly cotton wick. If you wanted to, you could even scoop some out in a solid state and use your body temperature to melt it.

Does it have to be heated before being used? Again, since soy wax requires a higher temperature to melt, some massage candles containing predominantly soy wax will recommend that you microwave them before burning them to pre-melt the soy wax. Our candles will burn till the very last drop without any pre-heating!

Finally, how much does it cost? If the candle is fairly cheap...say an 8oz candle in the $10-$15 range (retail), then it is probably mostly made of wax because wax is a cheaper ingredient than soy butter, shea butter, jojoba, aloe, etc.

Q: Does the Scandle hurt when you put it on?

A: Unless you put your finger or other body part directly in the flame, the Scandle is ouch-less and actually feels quite nice. By using cosmetic grade soy oil rather than traditional waxes, such as paraffin or beeswax, we are able to offer a candle in which amounts of the safe, comfortable, and warmed oil can be directly massaged into the skin , leaving the skin smooth, soft, and pleasantly scented. Hypo-Allergenic.

Q: How do I use a Scandle Lotion Candle?

A: Simply light the Scandle (we recommend for about 30 minutes or until the candle melts to the container's edge so that the candle will continue to burn evenly with every use). Then, extinguish the flame and apply a small amount on to desired area (we recommend a quarter size to start). When done, allow the candle to cool..the liquid will re-congeal to a solid state permitting additional applications.
If you would rather not burn your Scandle, you can also scoop a little out using a spoon and simply rub it directly on your skin!

Q: What are some uses for the Scandle?

A: You can light the Scandle like any other candle and burn it for ambiance, aromatherapy, and fragrance or you can use the liquid as a body moisturizer, massage lotion, as a cuticle treatment for manicures and pedicures.

Watch the video to see it in action!
Can you tell I love the Scandle?  Check out the different fragrances as well here.
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Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product in order to review it but it in no way influenced my opinion or obligated me any way with regards to this post.

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