Friday, July 09, 2010

Here a Zhu, There a Zhu, Everywhere A Zhu-Zhu! A Review of Kung Zhu: The Newest Zhu-Zhu Sets!

Take a look at my good friend Bryson, keeping himself busy with the new Kung Zhu Warriors! Between the hamsters, battle arena, and battle armor he has pretty much taken over the living room!

I love how it all fits together and is limited only by his imagination.  Finally a toy that he can play with more then a few minutes without getting bored. 

He really took the time to organize and think through the set-up.  And he can link it up with any of the other Zhu-Zhu products that he already has.  One can never get enough Zhu-Zhu ( or so they tell me)!!!

Even his cousin Shayleigh trued to sneak in some play time when Bryson wasn't looking..proving that little girls love Kung Zhu too!!
Did you know that they are also going on tour this summer?  Check out their website to get the scoop on where they will be!

You might even see my friend Bryson trying to do the Zhu-Zhu dance!!

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Disclosure: MomSelect provided product in order to facilitate this review but all opinions are my own and I was under no obligation whatsoever.


Stephanie said...

wow- thnats ALOT!!

kathy said...

Bryson is still playing with the ZHU ZHU ,, I had to move all of it to his room, he took the other pieces and attached them so now it is bigger,, He is having a blast..
Thanks for the opportunity for Bryson