Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fracture: Picture A New Way of Framing!

So excited to share this with you!  Check it out: Fracture is a new way of framing.

It is basically a one piece picture on glass that you hang directly onto your wall!
Because the entire frame is printed digitally, there are potentially limitless ways you can make your Fracture unique

While we offer a variety of border options to add depth and flavor to your photos, keep your eyes open for an ever-growing list of options in the future

It is safer than an ordinary glass frame and more shatter-proof

No sharp edges

No need to go to multiple stores to print, frame and hang your photos - a Fracture is the economical one step solution.

When you buy a Fracture, you don't need anything else - not even screws to mount it with.

Arrives ready to be mounted with everything you need

Images won't fade

Guaranteed to last even under the worst conditions at least 3-5 years (continuous exposure to full sunlight)

Because the print is actually on the backside of the glass, it is never vulnerable to scratching so you can windex as much as you like

Sounds cool huh?  It will become clearer to you if I am among the first 100 bloggers from Twittermoms because then I will be writing a follow-up post about Fracture!  Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: I wrote this blog post in response to a TwitterMoms RAMBO alert, making me eligible to get a Fracture picture frame for review. You can learn more about Fracture at http://www.fractureme.com/.

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