Wednesday, August 04, 2010

PC Problems?  No Worries When You Have NortonLive On Your Side!!

If you are headed back to school next month, I wanted to let you in on this helpful little secret I found out about: NortonLive PC Power Boost!

No Need to to replace that temperamental computer or spend hours dismantling it and carting it all around town trying to get it fixed!  This service can try to fix it remotely while you relax and watch it all happen in front of you!

Check out what the folks at NortonLive have to say about their really cool service:

"Headed back To School With A Slow PC? Let Norton Tune It Up

Students are tied to their computers and need smooth running machines for work and play. Unfortunately over time, unnecessary files, start-up programs, virus, spyware and other clutter can slow their PC to a crawl. Good thing there are several easy-to-use remote PC services for students to choose from.

Among them is NortonLive Services, a fast and convenient solution that helps students troubleshoot PC problems – from virus removal to PC tune-up – to help keep their computer running fast and trouble free. An expert will remotely clean up, tune up and speed up your computer so their PC runs like new again – right from the comfort of their  own home, dorm or apartment.

Most importantly, it’s cheap and fast! Thru Sept. 2nd, students will receive a 20% off discount, for the reduced price of $55.99.  Visit for more details.

5 Easy Steps to a Faster Computer

1.       Clean Your Registry – Special registry cleaning software can remove all the fragmented and missing files, so only what needs to be in the registry stays there. Only use registry cleaners from an established, reputable company—no sketchy freebies.

2.       Defragment your Hard Drive – To help speed up your drive, run a defragmenter. In Windows, just perform a search for it under "System Tools." A word of warning: Depending on how badly it’s fragmented, you may need to wait a long time for your drive to fully defragment. Some can take all night (yes, that long!).

3.       Organize your Startup Programs – Many times, software companies will place nonessential applications here to check on updates or inform you of promotional offers. Feel free to jettison those. The fewer you have in startup, the faster your machine will boot.

4.       Consider adding more memory – RAM is now dirt cheap and it's easy to install, too. If you've been squeaking by with one gigabyte of memory, adding just one more stick can produce dramatic speed gains in your machine.

5.       Use legitimate security software – Comprehensive security solutions like Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 will help ensure you’re fully protected against malware, spyware, hackers and zero-day threats that can bog down your computer and steal your identity. "

      From what I can tell it looks like this is the thing to keep your computer running smoothly so you don't have to worry about any interruption to your all important connection to the Internet. 

      Watch"" It's Really Only a Purple World"  for my review!  Remember that the discount is only good until September 2nd so don't delay if you think this would be great for your back-to-school shopping needs!

      Disclaimer: This is provided to my readers for their information. I received no compensation to for this post.

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