Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ChicBuds: Easy On The Ears ( As Well As The Eyes!)

Welcome to the first product I am recommending to you guys via my OpenSky Shop!  After my review, I will be providing you with a code to get an unheard of 25% off these beautiful yet useful earphones, so read through to the end!

I encounter a need to use earphones almost every day.  From my laptop to my iPod and even to be able to listen to digital content when I am flying, the need for a good pair of earphones is a must these days.  My biggest complaint has always been that I, and most of my possessions, get tangled up in the cords and ultimately they break when I try to untangle the mess in order to use the earphones again.

That's one of the really cool things about these earphones; the fact that the cord in retractable so no more tangles!

Product Details

- Features genuine Swarovski crystals.
- Retractable connectors expand and retract to 5 lengths from 4 inches to 48 inches.
- Belt clip included.
- Compatible with all mp3 players, computers, airplane connector, gym equipment and more.
- Available in different color choices.

Equally as important to me when it comes to devices that I choose to use are the overall aesthetic appeal of the device.  I know it has no impact on how the device works but I always appreciate a manufacturer that takes the time to appeal to my sense of style. 

These ChicBud earphones are embellished with real Swarovski Crystals in two places:

Here on the earphone pieces.....

and here on the retractable cord cover.

Pretty beautiful huh?  And did you notice the color?  Just sayin'......

Now is the time to buy it from my own OpenSky shop without ever leaving this blog!  From today until August 16th, 2010 ONLY you can take 25% off this product( and any other product I might sell between now and then) by using the code EXCITE25!

If you want these beautiful earphones at this amazing discount, just use the easy " ADD TO CART" blue button and then follow the prompts to check out safely and securely.

Give me a holler if you have any questions or need any help.  Remember all products I sell through my OpenSky Shop are 100% guaranteed and can be returned at any time - no questions asked!

Stay tuned for more exciting and unique products!

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