Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thoughts On Blogging: Where I Came From And Where I Am Going.

Let me begin by telling you how much I truly love blogging.  I have always been a voracious reader and a pretty good writer ( ask some of the people I have helped with school essays and papers).  Blogging is a natural extension to those interests.

I started out this blog about two years ago with a simple " Why not?" thought.  After being an active Internet surfer for many years, I had already conquered deals using coupon codes, free stuff, sweepstakes, online games, and finding noteworthy blogs to get spoilers about some of my favorite reality shows.  It occurred to me that I could do a just as good if not better job then most of the authors I was reading. 

I loved that it was my voice that I heard as I wrote down the words that formed the sentences of my thoughts and the release of once having posted not knowing who, if anyone, was going to read those thoughts. 

My ex-boyfriend was a big support for me in the early days of this blog and provided me with the first product for my first give-a-way which really started the ball rolling.  Thanks Daryl!  Our relationship might have turned really sour but as you can see, I am still going strong!

Thank you, my dear readers, for sticking with me this long!  And stay tuned for more!  I have just yet begun to blog!

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