Sunday, September 26, 2010

 Some Of My Favorite Things!

I love it when someone gets me something that speaks to my character or personality.  It shows me that they took the time to effort to make the gift personal.  These days there is something for every one, especially when it comes to the Internet.  Some of the things that are out there are really hilarious!  And in times of trouble and hardship a gift that makes you laugh is priceless. 

I really love this T-shirt!

How many of you, my dear readers, can relate to that concept?

I could really see myself carrying around this water bottle!

No idea what it really means but it is so me!!

This poster is a perfect fit for me and this blog!

If you guessed that purple was my thing, you get a point!

If you are paying attention to the things that I am choosing, you can really start to get some insight into the woman behind this blog. 

Any idea where this sticker is from?

If you guessed LOST, bingo!  And it tells you even more about what I find interesting.

If you want even more insight to what makes me tick, check out the website Funny or Die!  Laugh a little, and then come back here and tell me what you find funny so I can start to learn a little about you too!


Eve said...

Lol @ hipsters make good lovers! i lpove that too! Now I want to know where you found it!

Tina12312 said...

It was very cool seeing what things make you tick. I always try to find out what different things people like and what makes them unique; it always makes for some interesting gift choices too.