Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Reiki Experience at The Fountain Spa in Ramsey, New Jersey: Introducing Mary!

I must admit that prior to meeting Mary I knew very little about Reiki.  My mistake!  My Reiki session with Mary was an amazing experience to say the least.  Probably because Mary is an amazing person!  A whole bundle of energy in a small package, you feel her warmth and love of what she does the moment you meet her.

Here is a little bit of information about Mary and what she does:

"My name is Mary I have been working for the Fountain Day Spa for 11 years and have been doing Reiki for 6 years as a Reiki Master/Teacher practitioner.

Reiki is an ancient practice which has been around since the 1800's. It derived from Japan, China and Tibet and most of your eastern countries. It has been a secret for so long only the Buddhists and the high priests from the eastern countries knew the secret. It has been called many different names Reiki, Chi, and the universal energy of healing. Reiki is used to balance the chakras,bring peace of mind and reduce pain and bring wellness.

The practitioner does this on the client fully clothed and lying down on a massage table. Some of the sensations are drowsiness, feeling of floating and release of pain and stress.

This is not a massage but the laying on of hands which provides a conduit for the energy to reach the client."

I feel Reiki is a very powerful and personal experience and can describe what I felt as an emotional journey.  Mary was gentle and her touch was dynamic and healing.  She "scanned" my body with her hands and was able to pinpoint my problem areas without my telling her exactly where they were.  I felt a tingling and a "buzz" throughout the session and a tremendous feeling of peace and tranquility when it was over.  Yet it was not scary or overwhelming in any way.

If you have any sort of physical pain or discomfort Mary is the person to see to help you understand where it is coming from and start on the path to feeling better.  In total alignment with the vibe of The Fountain Spa it is all about you and making you feel better about yourself.

The $50 special until 9/26/2010 is a 50% reduction in the normal Reiki fee and a perfect time to not take my word for it and see for yourself what Mary can do for you and how wonderful she can make you feel.  I encourage you to seek her out at either the Ramsey or Riverside location and let her work her magic on you as soon as possible.

You can thank me later!

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Eve said...

Wow ! I would love to go to a spa I have never been, but I know I need it. too bad this is in jersey, I could use the 50% off coupon