Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Rebelle Friendship Bags: Two Bags in One - What a Great Idea For a Holiday Gift!

I recently received the Rebelle Butterfly Friendship Bag in order to play around with it and see what I thought.

The top one in the above picture is called the "Fuschia Rebelle" and is one of those accessories that you just know your pre-teen recipient is going to "ooh" and "ahhh" over, especially when she finds out it's unique property.

You see this  bag actually unzips and forms two seperate bags of the same design so that she can trade with her friends ( who will be so jealous when they see it that will will beg and cry and drive their Mom's nuts in order to get them to buy them a Rebelle Friendship bag too!

All Friendship bags zip and unzip together in perfect symmetry so that she can wear it and share it, both at the same time!  And get this: each bag has a secret code, obtained only by cutting open a special tag hidden inside the bag that can be used at the website to unlock a whole bunch of features!

So much more then just a bag; such an original gift for the holidays!

These bags retail for about $40 and can be purchased at Amazon and QVC!

Thank you to Dasiy Cook for providing me with this bag for this review!

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