Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's Time To Talk: A Series of Discussions with People Who are Making A Difference Regarding Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Abuse: Discussion 2 of 7 - Kim Davidson and Amanda Gorman, Founders of "Kari's Candle of Hope"

This is a picture of Kari Gorman, murdered by her boyfriend on July 26, 2008.  She was 18 years old.

I had the privelege of meeting with her mom, Kim Davidson as well as her sister, Amanda Gorman at the " It's Time To Talk" Day sponsored by Liz Clairborne.  I was struck with the beauty of both these women and the strength that they both have shown in turning their tragedy into a rallying point to help other teenagers in a similar situation as their daughter.

They both stressed to me how important it is to let our children know that we want them to talk to us if they have issues with their peers, and that we, as parents, need to stress that " Caring is NOT control" when it comes to dating. 

They promote the " Love is Not Abuse" curriculum and are pro-active in voicing how important education is to stopping the type of violence her daughter fell victim to.

" Kari's Candle of Hope" is a great website chock full of links if you are in need of more information.  Take a look at Kari's picture and imagine it was your daughter.  Share the site with your children and friends and help Kim and Amanda in their efforts.

To Amanda I leave this personal note: You are a powerful woman and have the ability to change the world and hekp others.  Pursue your dreams and I wish you all the happiness and success in this world.  I hope if my own daughter ever in in a similar situation she has something like you to turn to.

“I received a $50 Juicy Couture gift card in conjunction with participating in Liz Claiborne’s “It’s Time To Talk” day.”

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