Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Time to Talk: A Series of Discussions with People Who are Making a Difference Regarding Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Abuse: Discussion 7 of 7 -  Judith Kahan, Chief Executive Officer, Center Against Domestic Violence

This is the last of my blog posts regarding the interviews I conducted during the " It's Time To Talk Day", sponsored by Liz Claiborne and it was also one of my most memorable.

Ms. Kahan is a strong and powerful woman with a long history of providing services to the people in our communities who need it the most.  From the mentally ill to the homeless to domestic violence victims, she has advocated for and effected change on a grass roots level.

As Chief Executive Officer of The Center Against Domestic Violence she oversees a multitude of programs that protect, provide for, and reintegrate people who get involved in a abusive relationship and want to learn how to live a life free of domestic violence.

She was most proud of the RAPP program - NYC's Relationship Abuse Prevention Program which utilizes the concepts of Pride, Education, Equality, and Respect to teach middle and high school children the warning signs of an abusive relationship as well as how to escape from one if they are already being victimized.

Her agency, The Center Against Domestic Violence, located in Brooklyn, NY services an average of 30,000 women and children each and every year.  They provide support, education, and prevention for both adults and teens.

I admire Ms. Kahan for her devotion to the mission to end domestic violence.

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