Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Long Overdue Shout Out To Sunny At AT&T Mobile Phone Store  Located in Mt. Ivy Plaza, Pomona, NY!!

One of the great things about having a blog is the ability to let people know when you have a specific experience with a brand or product that bears repeating.

A few weeks ago I had such an experience with a Verizon Cell Phone store located in Pacesetter Shopping Center, Pomona New York that has really made me sour on the whole Verizon brand!

My cell phone service is provided by my company but I provide the actual phone.  I don't know specific numbers but I am sure that their contract is rather large.  Last weekend my cell phone stopped working.  I could not figure out whether it was the battery, the charger, or the phone itself.  The only thing I knew was that it was the weekend and I needed a phone that worked.  I knew a Verizon Store had just opened up around the corner from me and as I have Verizon FiOS service at home I figured, " How hard could it be to buy a cell phone?"  Boy, did I figure wrong!

Off I go to the store and wait about twenty minutes for the salesperson to help me.  I explained what I needed and that my service was from my company.  They show me a phone for about seventy dollars - Hey, this is easy!  Until I go to check out.  Here is where it really gets interesting...

The salesman keeps trying to get me to upgrade my service, despite me telling him multiple times my service is on a business plan and I am not authorized to do so.  After another thirty minutes they finally get it and then they tell me that unless I upgrade my contract the phone will be three hundred dollars!  Yes, there will be many exclamation marks in this blog post!!!

I try and I try to explain my situation and appeal to them to get me through the weekend until my company re-opens on Monday but they could care less!  I leave frustrated and angry! 

Off I go to find a phone.  Yeah, Right.  Radio Shack - no luck with either a battery or charger for my phone.  I go to the AT&T store and there I meet Sunny.  He looks everywhere to try to get me a battery but no luck..and then, Sunny, my knight in shining armor, my cell phone angel finds an old,clamshell type phone that is unlocked for Verizon and hands it to me.  Saved!  Hallelujah!  "How much?" I ask, willing at this point to pay anything to have a phone that I can use.  "Nothing" says Sunny..."just tell your friends to come to AT&T for their cell phone needs".

Verizon...shame on you!  Sunny...I can not thank you enough for reaching out to me and to all my friends in the blogging world...remember this story and spread the word!

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