Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kissa Me Once, Kissa Me Twice, The Kissa Me Vibrator is Ohhhh So Very Nice!

Let me start out by telling you that this review is adult in nature and intended for mature audiences only!  Moms,send those kids out to play and get ready to read about a cool little toy that Eden Fantasys is producing all by themselves!

As soon as I received this amazing toy I was impressed with the fact that it comes in the prettiest black velvet padded drawstring bag!  Perfect for storing as it does have a glass component on the head.  I love it when sex toys not only feel good but look pretty and The Kissa scores high in both places.

Here is some information taken from the website:

Material:Tempered glass .
Texture:Ribbed / Nubbed .
Safety features:Non-porous / Phthalates free / Hypo-allergenic / Food-grade material / Latex free
Color:Pink .
Insertable length:4 1/2"
Diameter:1 1/2" .
Weight:0.4 lb
Special Features:Multispeed

Control type:Push button
Powered By:Aa-1
It seems as if some people are wondering if the nubby ends and added texture is painful but I can tell you that in this bloggers opinion not once over repeated uses did I ever experience any pain.  Pure pleasure readers...pure pleasure!  My lover commented how much he enjoyed the weight of it and the feel as well.  Needless to say the expression on my face while using it was the ace-in-the-hole!
This is a great toy that is gentle enough for the un-initiated as well as varied enough for the more experienced.  The fact that it is being produced by Eden Fantasys themselves makes it even better.
And at $29.99 it is well worth it considering what fun it is to use!
Have fun playing!

product picture
Glass vibrator by EdenFantasys
Material: Tempered glass



Cynthia said...

Snort! This is the first 'adult toy' review I've read on a blog. Not sure how to comment but hopefully you've helped someone out by putting the info out there.

wendy said...

Thanks so much Cynthia for your comment! There are others who also do reviews and Eden Fantasys are a great company to do business with!