Monday, March 30, 2009

Talking about chocolate..

Yesterday, at the Palisades Mall, they had the Second Annual Chocolate Expo, a benefit for camp Venture here in Rockland County, NY. My sister Jaymie and I went and we are now sorry we missed the First Annual Chocolate Festival Last year!

Chocolate everywhere and in whatever form you wanted! After about ten minutes we stumbled upon the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries for one dollar from Edible Arrangements; by far one of the best items I had the pleasure of tasting. Almost every booth had generous samples handled in the most hygienic of ways, and people were actually polite! There were two other rooms of vendors selling wine ( I bought some Blackberry Merlot for Passover), sauces, dips, soups.....midway through the expo Jaymie and I started having a hard time being able to continue to look at the chocolate, much less taste any samples. While there, Jaymie signed up to be a " Viva Diva", earning herself a reusable purple tote and fifty entries into their current sweepstakes. Nice score, Jaymie! ( I myself, of course, already was a " Viva Diva").

The only thing I could not figure out was how Jaymie ended this chocolate round the world tour with a kosher pickle on a stick. I know....I still don't get it either.

Anybody out there who has some chocolate they are not currently using, feel free to send it my way:)

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