Saturday, March 28, 2009

So, I promised I would talk about Buckcherry...

On St. Patrick's day Maggie, Sarah ( my 15 year old daughter) and I headed down to Sayreville, NJ to finally see Buckcherry, the band I had flown to the other end of the country to see the week before.

So, down we go, via the Garden State Parkway, until we get to the concert venue, about an hour too late for the meet and greet with the band. Right away, I knew we were in trouble. Parking in a dirt lot, walking up to the entrance, loud music and people everywhere. Okay, no one told me that this was actually a bar, yes a bar, and it was standing room only; I knew it was general admission, but I thought that meant sit where you can. Boy, was I wrong!

We find a place to stand by the sound board, with my biggest mission making sure no one gets within touching distance of Sarah. Not an easy task. First though, comes the band "Papa Roach". Sarah tells me that this is lame and boring, until the lead singer starts to work the crowd, and next thing I know she is pumping her fist in the air and eyeing with interest the kids in the mosh pit. Oh boy, what have I started!

Papa Roach, who actually were very good, finishes and we wait patiently for Buckcherry. After a twenty minute break, finally they come on. I have flown 6000 miles round trip, then driven over and hour and half, stood on my feet for two hours and now...

Maggie turns to me after the first song and says, " Okay, you heard them, Papa Roach was better, lets go."


Sarah says " Yeah, Mom, they suck I am tired and you know I have to wake up early for school tomorrow", so I beg for two more songs, they begrudgingly let me listen for five more minutes, and as we leave the spot I fought two hours protecting I look longingly behind me as the sound of Buckcherry fades and is replaced by " Wake me up when we get home."

Sigh....guess I'll have to listen to them on the CD that I bought on the way out instead.

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