Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I am back from California and Big Bear Lake and I can tell you that it is a beautiful place, but having been there I don't see the need to go back ever again.

It was a crazy journey...to begin with out car service driver, when meeting us at the airport at 10:00pm on Thursday night stated that he had no idea where we were going, since his GPS units ( yep...he had all three) didnt show the address. After Daryl and I suggested using Mapquest, he drove to his house ( yes, his house) and asked me to go in and use the computer and find it for him. A bit strange, but we were tired and wanted to just get there already and get to sleep.

I found it for him and we spent the next hour on a harrowing journey with Mario Andretti California style whipping around hairpin turns, all while we climbed to a height of 7000+ feet! Not that we could see anything; it was pitch black and we were in a car with tinted windows. On second thought, maybe that was a blessing in disguise.

I will continue this story with another post, later on tonight...

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