Friday, March 20, 2009

The Big Bear Lake Zoo

This place called " Jaspers" in Big Bear Lake had the most amazing

Daryl makes friends with some locals:)

The downtown area

Our "hotel"..Its a BYOTP kinda place ( as in Bring your own Toliet

I pose with the local mascot; everything here has " Bear" in its name!

I promised to continue the story, so here goes:

When we first got to out hotel, Big Bear Lakefront Lodge, it looked fine from the outside. We got our key from a box by the front office, and opened up our room. Stepping inside, however, I thought I was in a bad horror movie; the carpet was dirty, the bed made with only a flat sheet and blanket, no phone, and towels you could see through if you held them up to the light. All Daryl and I could do was laugh! We later came to find out that there was no housekeeping service ( although there was an envelope where we could leave a tip for the wonderful service), so we made sure to go to the office the next day to pick up extra towels and toliet paper in case ran out at nightime.

Big Bear itself was very pretty; only problem was we could not get a cab, could not rent a car ( the one and only car rental place was closed on weekends) and civilization in the form of food and stores was a long walk away, on dark roads with no sidewalks. We found some great places to eat, some cool little stores to spend money in, and rode he public bus system from one end of the mountain to the other. We went to a cute zoo, where Daryl had the time of his life making new friends up close and personal with a badger who was figuring out what condiments he wanted to use with his lunchtime meal of "dead rat" in his mouth. We checked out the ski area ( although we dont ski) and generally had a great time.

Oh, and I forgot to add: while we were on the plane going there I received a voicemail that Buckcherry had canceled!

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