Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Purple Trail: Helping To Make Your Holiday Greetings Special!

In my family, the holidays are all about being uniquely ourselves in any way we can!  And that often starts with the cards we choose each year to send to friends and family.  Rather then feature stiff poses from commercial sittings, we instead try to convey the image of our family for that year in our own quirky way!

Having been introduced to the Purple Trail website, I can really see that this year my card selection and design will be a whole lot easier!  They have some of the coolest designs I have seen for personalized holiday cards!  And you really have to love the name of the company, don't you?

One of the ways to really make your cards special is to use photos. Photos are the best way to portray your family and make a very good reason to keep and display cards from year to year! 

 I love how this design incorporates the photo into the card without distracting from the overall design.  Photo cards are not only for Christmas when you work with the Purple Trail website!

Of course you could always make the photos the focus of the card itself.  Isn't this card just so clever in the way it makes the photos the central theme?  It is cute enough to frame!

Another creative way to use photos in a card is to have the faces of your family transported into a wonderful wintry scene like this card does!  It incorporates a little bit of whimsy and makes the card seem fun and exciting!

 Sometimes it is nice to be able to use a montage of photos like this card does.  I love the look of the black and white and the fact that it doesn't scream snowflakes and icicles!  This one is fridge worthy and can be displayed even after the holiday season.  It also can be used for a multitude of religions and beliefs.

Finally for a holiday card that feels nothing like a holiday card check out this one.  I love that the background can be any season and that it gives you a feeling of warmth and love!

Purple Trail also has a really unique feature where you can personalize every aspect of your card.  Check it out here.  You can personalize everything from the background to the photo to the design elements!  Go ahead and play around a little and see what you can do!

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