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EO Holiday Limited Edition Products: Uniquely Wonderful: A Review

Love Life.  Live Clean,  The EO Philosophy starts to make sense once you have the ability, as I recently did, to sample some of the EO product line.

Family owned and operated, EO really strives to provide you with a uniquely wonderful product experience.  From their soaps to their body lotion to their bath and body products the it is rather clear that they really put their muscle behind their core philosophy:

"We create products that are natural, gentle, effective and free from animal testing. We know that providing a product with integrity and sustainability is a choice and we make this choice consciously to ensure that only the finest products are created."

I was provided with three different products to try:

Serenity French Lavender Bath Gift Set - This set contains two complimentary products, both attractively packaged and ready to gift to that special person who deserves a little relaxation.  I would love this for a friend or a special teacher for Sarah. They were both amazing to use and made my bath a truly relaxing experience.

French Lavender Bubble Bath

EO French Lavender soothing Bubble Bath gently cleanses with Pure Essential Oils. Our richly foaming Bubble Bath creates lush and long lasting bubbles to pamper and indulge your skin. Our proprietary EO Relaxing Complex is a luxurious blend of extracts from Hops and Fig Amino Acids to provide essential elements for ultimate skin hydration and softening. Our Coconut Cleansing Complex gently cleanses without drying.

French Lavender Bath Salt

Relish the soothing and calming ritual of a hot bath. EO French Lavender Bath Salts gently soothe the body with mineral rich ocean salts blended with organic Essential Oils. We use only the purest French Lavender Essential Oil to soothe and nurture even the most delicate skin. As the pores of the skin slowly open, our salts work to gently replenish needed nutrients. The EO Bath Salts blend restores inner balance while softening and hydrating skin. Discover serenity and internal harmony in your own personal home spa sanctuary.

Mandarin Spice Limited Edition Hand Soap 12 oz. - I love the smell of oranges, especially in bath and body care products. This is a great soap to have out for guests during the whole holiday season and also makes a great gift for friends, relatives, and everyone in be-tween!
Treat yourself with our Seasonal offering of Mandarin Spice Hand Soap. A true gift of he the fall Season are thee bright sunbursts of citrus magic. Sweet and Fragrant Mandarin Essential Oil is blended with warming Cinnamon and Cloves in this rich Mandarin Spice Blend.

•Organic Calendula, Chamomile and White Tea botanicals harmonize and replenish skin.

•Gentle coconut cleansing complex creates a mild and gentle foam.

•pH Balanced and Biodegradable to clean without drying hands.
Meyer Lemon & Sage Liquid Hand Soap 12 oz. - This was Sarah's favorite product!  She is not a fan of things that are to sweet ( except for candy!) and liked the lemony smell that this soap left on her hands.  She told me it felt " clean and fresh".  From Sarah, that would be considered a stellar review!
Indulge in the clean and refreshing scent of our Seasonal Meyer Lemon Hand Soap. A true gift of the winter Season is the much coveted Meyer Lemon. Tart and fragrant citrus oils are the heart and soul of our signature Myer Lemon blend.

•Organic Calendula, Chamomile and White Tea botanicals harmonize and replenish skin.

•Gentle coconut cleansing complex creates a mild and gentle foam.

•pH Balanced and Biodegradable to clean without drying hands.

The EO site is chock full of good information about healthy living and I urge you to sign up here for theie newsletter.

You can purchase the products from the EO site or at a number of retail outlets around the country.  Go here to find a store near you!

Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to learn about promotions and special sales.  Like the limited time (October 8th - October 15th only)Warehouse Sale with some really ridiculous prices that is going on RIGHT NOW here!

EO Products - Uniquely Wonderful!

Disclaimer: I received these products in order to conduct this review but no other compensation was received.  This did not influence what is written nor was I under any obligation to post anything.

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