Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Never a Dull Blade!  My Review of Shavebox All Natural Razor Blade Lubricant!

There is nothing I hate more then stepping into my shower to prepare myself for wearing my summer finery and finding my "nearly new, should still shave great" razor dull and prone to causing nicks and cuts!  Ugh!  They not only hurt, they look terrible and take a long time to heal.  I have tried everything I could think of to keep the blade sharp but nothing worked.

When I was offered the chance to review a new shaving product that promised to keep blades sharper I was curious as to how this would be accomplished.  The fine folks over at sent me their shavebox and blade lubricant to try.

And try it I did!  It works great but is a bit hard to explain so I will let the people who make this great product tell you about it themselves:

Every year, over 2 billion (2,000,000,000) disposable razors are dumped into landfills in the United States
alone. An average disposable razor weighs around 14 grams and occupies around 13 cubic centimeters
which equates to 28 million kilograms, and 260,000 cubic kilometers, of debris each year. In fact, a single
person using a fresh razor every day generates over 5 kilograms (11LBS), and over 47 cubic meters of
waste every year in razors alone!

On a global scale these numbers are staggering. By making your razor go the distance you’re not only
saving money, you’re also saving our earth from kilograms upon kilograms of plastic and metal waste.
After your first shave with a brand new razor, the razor's blades begin to feel dull. After only 3 or 4 uses,
the blade feels so dull that you're tempted to throw it away and start using a new blade.

The problem is... your "old" blade was never dulled from shaving in the first place.

The blade stopped cutting because the blade surfaces were covered in a hard scale of solidified debris.
The blades tend to collect raw deposits of these substances. A nasty scale of deposits and
corrosion forms on the blade surfaces making them rough. This is why a brand new blade is shiny silver
and an older blade has a crusty or powdery appearance.

This is also why even the most expensive razor, that shaves so well when the blade is brand new, shaves so
poorly after only a few days. Razor sharpeners try to address the problem but, in addition to consuming
expensive batteries and creating more waste, they fail to clean the inner blade surfaces. Unlike a sharpener,
the ShaveBox stores your razor between uses with the entire blade submerged in our All Natural Blade

 Doing so avoids shaving irritation in 2 ways:

1. It lubricates your razor blade (as opposed to only lubricating your skin) before shaving.

2. It keeps rough scale from forming so you can enjoy full use of your razor blade for its full lifespan.

Our natural antibacterial Blade Lubricant will even extend the life of lubricating strips. ShaveBox users
have reported using the same razor blades for months on end!

Here at, we constantly strive to reduce and eliminate packaging components. We also require our suppliers to use eco ink, recycled paper, and recycled boxes wherever possible.

Where we haven’t yet found a previously recycled packaging solution, we use recyclable overstock
components left over from other companies to reduce our footprint. Our ShaveBoxes and Blade Lubricants
bottles, and packaging components are completely recyclable when disassembled.

How To Use It

To install the ShaveBox pivot the top suction cup up and over the top of the ShaveBox. In this position, press the top suction cup against the shower wall. The hinged cover will be facing the ceiling. (See Figure 1).

Fig. 1

 Fig. 2

Then, pivot the ShaveBox down toward the shower wall. (See Figure 2). The top suction cup will lock into place and the lower suction cup will stabilize the ShaveBox. Note the funnel shaped washer that is built into the top suction cup. This is a miniaturized version of a much larger suction mechanism used by professional glass handlers to carry heavy window panes. This locking suction cup is what keeps the ShaveBox secured in place day after day, unlike standard suction cups.

Please note: Install the ShaveBox above the reach of children for maximum safety.

To lubricate and protect your razor's blades from oxidation (corrosion and rust), soap scum, and hard water deposits, fill the well halfway with ShaveBox All Natural Blade Lubricant. A free bottle is included with each ShaveBox purchase (razor not included). Place the razor face-down in the well, and close the cover. Your razor blades will stay clean and sharp for an ultra smooth shave time after time!

Our 100% Natural Blade Lubricant is made entirely from plant extracts. Use this non-toxic Blade Lubricant alone or with your favorite shaving cream or soap

I hope that all makes sense because this is truly a unique and so very useful product.

Go and check it out yourself:

Disclaimer: YoiuShave provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.


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