Monday, May 24, 2010

The Contour I + Beyond Euphoric Sensory Set: Not Always a Great Fit!

I loved the idea of the Contour I; I really did. My boyfriend loves a good massage and my hands are never strong enough to give him the deep pressure on his back that he craves. So when I saw the Contour I, I was really excited that the shape looked like it would be able to provide the sensations that he was wanting.

But first, some details:

About the Contour I:

Texture: Smooth

Kit includes:Contour I ceramic massage stone, Beyond Euphoric massage lotion.

Material:Ceramic .Length:5 1/2" .Circumference:5" .Diameter:1 1/2" .

Care and cleaning:Bleachable .

Safety features:Non-porous / Phthalates free / Hypo-allergenic / Food-grade material / Latex free

About the Lotion:

Purified water, Safflower seed oil, Emulsifying wax NF, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Coconut oil, Monoi oil, Rose root extract, Dimethicone, Coconut extract, Ylang Ylang oil, Lime oil, Vitamin E acetate, Vitamin C ester, Vitamin C, Xanthan, Potassium sorb .Color:White  Paraben and glycerin free.

It comes attractively packaged and was a no brainer to begin using.  So why am I not too crazy about this product and the way that it "fit"?

 My complaint is more about my inability to maintain an adequate enough grip on the Contour I, especially once I started to apply and re-apply the lotion that comes with the massager ( which I really loved...BTW).
So is it a really cool, well made, useful product?  Yes, it is. Is the massage lotion totally high end and worth every penny?  Yes to that as well.
 Don't let my weak grip get in the way of trying it for yourself!

product picture
Sensual kit by Jimmyjane
Material: Ceramic


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