Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sometimes The Little Switches In Our Lives Have The Greatest Impact!

I love being challenged; I truly do!  So when the SocialMoms blogging program asked me to write about the little switches in my life that I would like to make I really started to look at the big changes that have happened recently as well as the little things I could change to make an impact for my family.

Obviously the major change in my life has been getting married earlier this year.  Oh boy, talk about change!  But with that large change, many small changes also started to take place.

One small change is family dinnertime.  Before getting married, meals were takeout or something simple for my daughter and I to eat while watching television.  A small change that has taken place is that more meals are home made and we now strive to eat together at the kitchen table.  I encourage ( okay pull teeth) everyone to talk about their day and whatever things are happening in the world around us.  It is not an easy change, but I have noticed that meals are more social and pleasant and the aroma and taste of the food is much more appreciated since we are paying attention to what we are eating rather then watching a television show.

Another change that goes with family meal time is the elimination of soda in our house.  My daughter was not happy about it but my pocketbook has seen the difference.  Not only financially a good idea, I think overall we are healthier drinking water, juice, and ice tea instead.

We are also changing our physical environment as well.  My husband brings to this marriage a host of handy skills and has taken the task of  making a better place for me in Sarah to live in.  He has ripped up old, musty carpets and is painting walls and ceilings which are long overdue.  Small changes in our surroundings are really helping to make where we live belong to us, rather then just to me.  And these changes are also having an impact on my health as my allergies and asthma seem to be abating just a little without the carpet on the living room floor. 

My daughter, Sarah, has also been making small changes in her life as well.  She recently obtained her first real job as a hostess in a major chain steakhouse.  She has a whole new set of responsibilities and I am hopeful that this change of being responsible to someone other then herself or me will aid in her growing up and taking her first steps into the adult world she has avoided until now.  She also has to improve her time management skills and although progress is slow, she is beginning to understand a concept which will aid her greatly when she is independent and living on her own.

Big changes; small changes - change is good!

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judith murray said...

My best mom's day was when I had my three children and my mom with me and we opened gifts and had the
best bar-b-que ever.