Sunday, April 17, 2011

blue sky scrubs: The Place For All Your Medical Scrub Needs!

Scrubs.  Say the word and most people think of green cotton shirts and pants.  How many people have you seen wearing scrubs that actually look good in them?

Since the medical personnel who wear scrubs are the ones who interact with me the most, it makes me feel more confident when they look professional and well put together.   It somehow softens up the whole , " I hate the doctor" experience for me.  I always wondered where one could buy quality scrubs online at a reasonable price.

I  thought I would share with you, my dear readers, a really cool place to buy quality medical scrubs and accessories online. 

blue sky scrubs has loads of choices.  Take their scrubs for men. I am liking these:

I love the fact that they are jet-black.  What man does not look good in black?

How about this nursing uniforms scrubs:

Again, I love the whole idea of scrubs being black - screams classy to me!

blue sky scrubs has lots of other items too - Check out these really stylish lanyards that anyone who has to wear a name tag would drool over!

This paired with the black scrubs - who wouldn't look good!

blue sky also has earrings to match the scrub colors and the lanyards so any medical professional can look put together and stylish - and for a reasonable price!

Just because one has to wear scrubs does not mean that one has to sacrifice quality and fashion.

Remember - blue sky for all you scrub needs!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated to write it.  That however, in no way affected my opinion of the product.

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