Sunday, November 08, 2009

The Cougher....I Mean The Clapper: A Birthday Gift from My Daughter, Sarah

My birthday was Friday and my family took me to dinner at Mt. Fugi, a Japanese Hibachi restaurant very beautiful ( and very expensive) located in Rockland County, NY. We had a great dinner, a lot of laughs, and I got some great birthday gifts. Among those gifts was " The Clapper", a device made famous by countless late-nite commercials. You know, " Clap On, Clap Off...The Clapper".

Now I wont bore you with the rationale as to why my daughter ( with the help of my boyfriend) decided to buy this for my birthday. Suffice it to say I was under scrutiny by my daughter to get it set up and operational ASAP.

It was actually fairly easy to set up and worked just like the commercials demonstrated. Two hard claps and the lights turn on, two hard claps and it turns off.

Easy and simple.

Now, this should be the end of the story, but we all know that my stories are never simple. Daryl, my boyfriend has the most annoying chronic cough, and after setting this up in the living room, he happened to cough twice...

Yep, you know what comes next! My lights proceeded to turn off! We laughed but the real funny part was when I called Sarah in from her room to see. A coughing match ensued between Daryl and Sarah with the turning on/off of the lights being the coveted prize!

Lol! So now, I not only have a Clapper, I have a Cougher! I'd like to see that in the next commercial!


queenoftheclick said...

I didn't even realize that the clapper was still made. I lose my keys all the time so I think I'll have to get one.

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