Friday, August 21, 2009

Today's Demi Lovato/ David Archuleta Crisis: or How I Singlehandedly Saved the World!!

Okay, maybe not the world. Maybe only my little corner of the world of my daughter and I.

We had won tickets to see Demi Lovato and David Archuleta tomorrow at the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City. I was on top of the mommy world until today's rapid descent into mommy hell. All the plans were made and my daughter invited one of her friends to spend the weekend with us to see the show. All was right with the world..... okay our world.

Then the phone call from my sister Jaymie.

"Did you hear the news"
"The concert has been rescheduled to November 1st due to scheduling conflicts"
(Audible groan)

How could it be? Scheduling conflicts? This weekend? No....anything but that! Demi and David must go on! Real teenage pop stars created by television always go on with the show, no matter what! Don't they?

Now what was I to do? I quickly surmised that indeed, even if they were not professional enough to go on with the show, I would make good on my word. I would take the girls anyway and make the best of it.

My daughter, when told of this tragedy, begged me to try and get Demi and David to change their minds and when that didn't seem possible, said, with an audible chuckle," There's still shopping at the mall in Juicy Couture, isn't there?"

This one is going to cost me!!

Drats to you Demi and David!

But, then again I did singlehandedly save the world today, didn't I?


Shop with Me Mama said...

Happy VGNO!!! :)

Gena said...

Oh, no! Well, have fun with your new plans.
Happy VGNO

Anonymous said...

For the record, this was Demi and Disney's tour and they called all the shots. David Archuleta had nothing to do with the concert rescheduling. He was a mere opening act that can't open a show that won't happen.

Sorry for the hassle.

JulieChats said...

I hope that doesn't happen when we're supposed to see Miley next month.....

Happy VGNO! Stopping by late again....

wendy said...

To anonymous,

I appreciate your post and I understand that you do not want to blame David Archuleta. I don't blame anyone except whoever planned this so poorly that caused it to get rescheduled for whatever reason.

I also understand that these are just children who have little control over where and what they perform. On the flip side I also have a teenager that cannot even begin to understand and just know that they are disappointed in one of their own letting them down.

We went to Atlantic City anyway, made the best of it, and will hopefully be able to go in November. So far, I called AEG Live and Beacon Street Girls, from whom I won the tickets. No one has returned my phone calls.

If you come back to this post, do you know who I can contact so that I can make sure they honor the win?