Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lions, and Tigers......and plugs in my eyes????

I have recently had some trouble with dryness in my eyes and have been seeing my eye doctor on a regular basis to deal with it. Today I was told that the dryness, which affects my vision and is uncomfortable, will probably never go away. Sucks, doesn't it? Drops every two hours were suggested, but that didn't really work either and my busy life doesn't always allow me to stop for eye drops.

At today's follow-up, the doctor suggested plugs for my eyes to allow my tears to stay in my eyes instead of draining out to my sinuses. Plugs? Huh? Exactly what are we talking about here? He explained that he would painlessly ( I always worry when any doctor says that word) insert plugs into the corner of my eyes, that it would take about a minute, and that if I didn't like them or had a problem, they could easily be removed.

Before I had a chance to think about it....POOF!....they were inserted into the corners of my eyes and are doing their lubrication thing as I write this post. And you want to know a secret? My eyes feel better then they have in weeks!

Plugs in my eye...dryness goodbye!

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Rose ~ RedNeckWitch~ said...

Wendy, that sounds SO minimal compared to what my dh goes through for glaucoma! They basically did a surgical procedure, and put a hole or drain of sorts in his eyes, for high pressures.
Honestly, anything to do with the eyes give me the eeby jeebies lol.

I'm glad the plugs are working for you!