Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to School with Sprite and Twittermoms

You might have noticed a new widget installed on my blog today. It is from a group called " Twittermoms" and they have partnered with Sprite to bring you content as well as a contest related to this Back-to-School time of year!

Sarah has already highlighted an ad in a fashion magazine for the backpack that she wants and told me that " I just can't be seen wearing the same clothes I did last year!".

Ya think?:)

Since I clearly do not have the means to replace every item in her wardrobe we have been using a rather simple system lately where Sarah uses the sticky-backed tags and arrows that come in most fashion magazines these days to relate to me the types of clothes that she is interested in. This prevents me from buying those items that I would die to have her wear that she would not be caught dead in! We go through these items together and after discussion and negotiation agree on one or two main things that are both affordable and appropriate for her school dress code.

This process saves the inevitable " argument at the store dressing room" and makes our shopping process so much easier!

Do you have any back to school shopping tips that have worked for you? Please share in my comment section!

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