Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tinyprints: It's Graduation Time!

Remember your high school graduation?  I do!  It was 1981, I was 16 and looking forward to college.  I remember my dress - it was a gauzy, strapless multi-colored ruffle number ( this was the eighties) and my mom splurged on a pair of high heeled Candies for me that matched one of the colors of the dress.

It was a scorching hot day and as in years past, the ceremony was being held on the football field with no shady areas.  My last name comes at the end of the alphabet and I remember this really long line of people waiting to enter the field.  We got the cue to begin our entrance and as I so proudly started to walk - BAM!  The heel on my brand new Candies shoe broke!  Yes, I was the one who walked barefoot on the burning hot tar of the track until we reached the coolness of the grass field.

I don't remember anything about the myriad of speeches or awards.  I do remember sitting there thinking how happy I was to be leaving high school.  I remember how proud my Mom and Stepfather were to see me actually graduate, especially since this was a particularly hard time in my life.  And I remember the absolute joy of knowing that college was ahead of me and another step on my way to being an adult.

I think that day taught me a very valuable lesson about life - with my fancy shoe breaking and all.  It taught me that every success comes with it own share of pitfalls and imperfections and that when something unexpected happens, always at the very worst time, to not let it interfere with the fact that you have succeeded.

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Disclosure:  I will be compensated for this post with merchandise or credit from Tinyprints, but that did not influence what I chose to write about for this post.

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judith murray said...

What a great story with a great moral ending..i love your blog