Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Time To Tenga!  A Review!

This will be a PG review of an Adult Toy called collectively "Tenga".  It is so hard to explain but so very cool for him!

From the Good Vibration Website:

"They’re not just for breakfast anymore! Enjoy self-pleasure anytime with Tenga Eggs. Peel the outer layer like you would a hard-boiled egg, then crack open the shell to reveal an “ona-cup.” These egg-shaped masturbation sleeves offer several unique internal textures. Get different stokes from different yolks! Wavy has horizontal ripples and Twister has vertical ones. Silky features a thread-spun surface while Spider is lined with a web pattern. Clicker has protruding spheres; Stepper has notched out semi-circles.  Although intended for a single session, the cup could be used a couple of times if handled and cleaned carefully. Indulge in a diet of delicious sensation with these incredible, pleasurable eggs!"

2 1/2” long x 1 3/4” wide (6.4 cm long x 4.4 cm wide)


I wish I could tell you what it feels like to use the Tenga Eggs, but I can't!  My boyfriend, however, adores these little babies and has had alot of success with using them when we are unable to be together ( although we have used them as an adjunct to our own time together when he is looking to experience something a little bit "different"). 

I can tell you that they are an affordable way to put some fun into the time you spend together and with seven different varieties each under ten dollars it is easy enough to try them all!

Time to Tenga, baby!

Disclosure: I was provided with a sample of this item in order to write this review but it in no way obligated or influenced what was posted.

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