Monday, June 21, 2010

Smoke Gets in Your Blender: CSN Saves Me From Smoothie Cravings!

How hot is it where you live?  Here in New York so far it has been a brutal summer.  My boyfriend introduced me to the indulgence of home-made smoothies recently and it has been the one thing that kept me cool and refreshed.

My boyfriend was too busy this weekend to indulge my cravings so I asked him to give me the secrets to smoothie making...and he did.  I know I followed the directions thoroughly but somehow the moment I turned on my blender all of a sudden I saw smoke!  Uh-oh!  Now what will I do?

Da-Da-Da....CSN Stores to the rescue!  Moments after I cleared the kitchen of the smoke from the now never-to-work-again blender I get an email from the CSN folks asking me to choose a product to review.  Can you guess what I chose?  No, not a vanity ( they have those to you know!)....but a BLENDER!  And one that does not smoke either!

Stay tuned for my review....

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