Thursday, May 21, 2009

The kind folks over at Kajeet ( recently sent me a cellphone preloaded with minutes to try out and see what I thought of it.

This is what I received:

My Review Of The kajeet cellphone.

It is a Samsung m300. This information about the phone itself is taken directly from their website (

Samsung m300 (with rebate) Features:
* 4x digital zoom camera (0.3 megapixel) features self-portrait capability. VGA CMOS camera shoots at multiple resolutions (including a maximum of 640x480 pixels)
* Large internal color display of 128x160 pixels and external color display of 96x96 pixels display photos and images in up to 65K colors
* Picture messaging lets you send your photos to your friends anywhere, anytime
* Speakerphone lets you talk hands-free anytime, anywhere
* Download games, ringtones, wallpapers and apps to your phone
* Voice dialing lets you call a friend without even having to punch in a number (take that, Alexander Graham Bell)
* Voice memos up to one minute for up to 10 notes for yourself so you don't lose that great idea (or important bit of gossip)
* Phone book holds up to 299 contacts (for each contact you can assign up to five numbers plus an e-mail address)
* Personal organizer tools including a calendar, a scheduler, a calculator, an alarm clock and notepad
* Headset jack (it's a standard 2.5-mm) lets you plug in any hands-free headset you like
* 800 mAh lithium-ion battery provides up to 3.2 hours of talk time.

kajeet is the only cell phone service designed specifically for kids
No Contracts. No Activation Fees. No Early Termination Fee.

We understand what it's like to have kids. One minute they want one thing, the next they want the opposite. That's why we don't require a contract. Buy it, use it, and if you want to cancel it, do so at any time, without any penalties.

Easy Parental Controls

We understand kids which is why our parental controls are totally flexible. Good grades one week? Add to the allowance. Late for curfew? Restrict the times she can use the phone. Our parental controls allow you to set up allowances, decide who she can call and text, and when.

GPS Phone Locator

We understand parents too. One of the reasons you get your kid a phone is for security. With this added feature, you can find your kid's phone any time. You can also set up scheduled locates to check in on a regular basis.

All this and plans starting as low as $4.99/month.
Finally, a cell phone truly made for kids and their families.


1. We're a pay-as-you-go service with no strings and no worries.
Some of our best features happen to be what we don't have. No contracts, no activation fees, no surprise bills.
2. Our full suite of intuitive online controls help parents set limits.
Every kajeet phone gets these controls for FREE. Manage who your kid can talk to and text, what time of day the phone can be used (but make exceptions for calls to Mom), how much money can be spent, and what features can be used.
3. We offer budget-friendly rates for talk and text. Easily customized to fit your family's needs.
See our "Rates and Plans" page for details. We have plans for kids who don't talk much or for kids who talk a lot or text a lot. You want it, we have it, and at great prices that don't bust your budget.
4. Our feel-good security features let you decide who can and can't call their phone.
Bullying can be a big problem, so we let you block calls/text from any phone number you want. Or, maybe you just want the phone to be used when it's needed - in that case, you can block ALL numbers except for specific ones. Did we mention these features are FREE?
5. Now you can get help finding your kid's phone anytime with GPS Phone Locator.
In fact, you get the first 3 months FREE, and then it's $9.99/month after that. We also let you set up automated locates to help you find out where the phone is at specific times of the day.
6. Talk, text, pix and play. Everything your kid wants in a cell phone.
We don't offer kiddie phones. Our phones have all the features your kid wants, but you get to control what features they use, and how much they spend.
7. We offer full-blown phones for any budget. Look for slim styling and big features.
We offer slim phones, flip phones, and a phone with full keypads. Check out our phones pages for details.
8. Nationwide coverage on Sprint PCS Network.
That's right - all our phones use the Sprint PCS Network to give you the great coverage you'd expect.
9. Refilling your account is simple. kajeet offers three simple ways to add money to your wallet.
Add a credit/debit card to your account to make refilling easy! You can also set up automatic refills, like giving a $20 allowance per month for your kid to use. We also offer PayPal if you want to use your checking account to add money.
10. kajeet is the only cell phone service that puts kids first.

I found this phone easy to set up and use. The website itself walks you through the process step by step and allows you to decide what controls to put on the phone and/or it's usage by your child, with these controls being able to be modified quite easily through your account. The phone itself is as good/better then any cell phone you would buy from a traditional cell phone company, and kajeet offers a wide range of reasonably priced plans with the way children use cell phones most in mind.

This is a cell phone that can also grow as your child grows and his/her cell phone needs change. Something also to consider: these phones/plans are so good that I would consider this for an adult who is not "tech savvy" and has a need for a cell phone where they can just use it and someone else can set it up and determine the parameters. Just something to think about and a testament to the versatility of this company and it's products.

I urge you to go to the website and see for yourself the things that kajeet has to offer you and take a look at what sets them apart from other cell phone services for kids. You won't be disappointed.

I sure wasn't!

My final grade: A+

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