Thursday, March 17, 2011

So This Is The Reason This Blog Has Been So Quiet For The Past Few Months!!

Yes, I do have some story to tell!  As you can see, my dear readers ( who are still left after so many months of me being away) I recently got married in Las Vegas - 02/25/2011 to be exact!

You might be wondering to whom?  If you look at this wedding picture, you can see my husband SiouxBoy - and yes, that is his real name!  Here's my story:

In a post from December about Oprah Winfrey's new network I talked about possibilities and taking chances and referenced someone who had recently contacted me via FaceBook who was from my past.

That person was SiouxBoy, someone I had been very much in love with 20 years ago and who had pretty much disappeared after we broke up.

Fast forward twenty years later and all of a sudden feelings which I thought were dead and buried had resurfaced with a vegenance!  It only took a few telephone conversations to find out that he still loved me and had professed to thinking about me all the time during the times and tribulations of his own active life.  Funny how we both came to find out that neither of us had ever married, depite numerous opportunities to do so.

I could not beleive just the words so I decided, in secret, to fly down to New Mexico where he was living and see for myself what was real and what was possibly a beautiful fantasy.  It took two planes and a three hour drive, but within the first minute of seeing him again after so many years I knew it was no fantasy- just a really beautiful love story.

Determined not to be apart any longer we arranged for him to come to where I was living to see if we could make two lives into one. He asked me to marry him right away, and for the first time in my life I could say " Yes" without any hesitation.

We decided to get married quietly ( you can see the video here) or watch it in the post after this one.

By the way, here's my smokin' hot husband!

Now we are back home and settling into married life and I am committed to trying to resurrect this blog.  I have a lot of catching up to do so stay tuned!


Linda Kish said...

That's so sweet. Congratulations!

mitch1066 said...

Congratulations,my husband is my best friend and i couldnt imagine life without him.May you have many years together :)